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Transformer oil filtration

Since 1984, KONDIC Company has been designing and manufacturing equipment for the filtration, dehydration and degasification of electrical insulating oils, as well as turbine oil purifiers.

Units for oil conditioning made by KONDIC Company are made in Europe and 100% made of European respective components.
Our transformer oil filtering machines are designed to perform following operations:

- Transformer oil drying (separation of free and dissolved water),
- Separation of gases from trafo oil (degasification), and
- Transformer oil filtration for separation of impurities, fibers and metal particles.

The process of transformer oil conditioning involves filtration of oil under high vacuum in heated condition. This ensures efficient elimination of free and dissolved water, and entrapped gasses form trafo oil. Specially designed system in the degassing tank provides uniform distribution of the processed oil in the low-pressure environment, in order to achieve best treatment results. Temperature load of the heaters in all of our transformer oil filtration plants is less than 1 W/cm2 ensuring that any damage of oil is excluded. The puncture voltage can be considerably increased and the coefficient of loses tang δ improved by filtering, degassing and dehydration of insulating oil to the extent depending on moisture content.

Kondic transformer oil filtration units

TRANSFORMER OIL FILTRATION, DEGASATION AND DRYING PLANTS are made with the capacities from 250 up to 12000 l/h. Units can be produced in accordance with specific requests of the Client (additional vacuum pump, additional heater, trailer for road transportation etc.). Our Units with higher oil treatment capacity are standardly equipped with frequency converter for adjustment of transformer oil flow during the treatment process. Some of the components (such as fine and coarse filters, temperature control, construction of the heaters, gear pump) had to be modified to improve the operation of the Unit and to eliminate shortcomings noticed in the operation of some other machines of this kind.

In addition of production of Insulating oil filtration Plants, for over 30 Years, we are providing services for on-site oil filtration with our own Units.

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