International Preschool Belgrade

International Preschool Belgrade


Kategorija - About Us
Welcome to Play Learn Grown, International Preschool Belgrade, the place where your children can grow, learn and
play in an environment that is both safe and structured.
Our school’s mission is to offer your child the most comprehensive learning experience possible in a safe and warm
learning environment.
Children learn best when they have positive and caring relationships with adults and other children; when they receive
carefully planned, intentional guidance and assistance; and when they can safely encounter and explore many
interesting things in their environment. At Play Learn Grow, we ensure all of the above, providing your child with a
safe, sound and warm learning environment.
Children enter preschool with different strengths. One child might love picture books and already know lots of letters
but have trouble with social interaction. A classmate may find it easy to initiate play and share toys yet have almost
no experience with books and reading. We at Play Learn Grow, follow your child’s individual needs and interests in
order to comprehensively foster his or her development.
Good preschool teachers maintain appropriate expectations, providing each child with the right mix of challenge,
support, sensitivity, and stimulation. With their knowledge, skill, and training, teachers, in collaboration with families,
can ensure that programs promote and enhance every child’s learning. Our staff at Play Learn Grow is supremely
confident that due to our teaching method combined with our teaching staff’s extensive work experience, your child
will not only grow into knowledgeable children but also into warm and caring, respectful adults.


Ana Polic has a Bachelor’s Degree in Child and Adolescent Development and a Master’s Degree in Early
Childhood Education from San Francisco State University. Her extensive experience in guiding children’s growth on
three continents: America, Asia and Europe, has polished the Play, Learn, Grow into the premier educational
institution that it is. She created a cutting edge curriculum for schools of young children incorporating the best
traditional education paradigms as well as the latest innovations in neuroscience and brain development research. At
Play Learn Grow, Ana incorporates her extensive knowledge and experience with the NAEYC standards and IPC’s
research-based curriculum. As a result, children experience accelerated learning and growth while having lots of fun in
a safe, nurturing, playful environment that permeates all of the interactions at the school.
International Preschool Belgrade - MISSION STATEMENT - 1
International Preschool Belgrade - MISSION STATEMENT - 1
International Preschool Belgrade - MISSION STATEMENT - 1


Kategorija - International Preschool Belgrade
PLG Daily Schedule
8am - Arrival & Exercise
9:15am - Breakfast
9:30am - Circle Time (Language & Literature)
10:00am - Arts & Crafts
10:45am - Outdoor Play & Sports
12:00pm - Lunch
12:30pm - Nap Time and/or Free Play
1:30pm - Yoga (MW)
2pm - Academic Activities
2:45pm - Music & Movement (MWF) Drama (TTh)
3:15pm - Afternoon Snack
3:30pm - Indoor/Outdoor Free Play
5:00pm - Last Pick-up

The environment is organized into learning centers that support children’s growth and learning in all subject areas
such as literacy, math, science, art and music. The preschool is equipped with educational materials from the United
States. Outdoor playground is available on the premises.
Circle Time activities (most important part of the day in terms of structural academic and thematic aspects of
learning/development) takes place after breakfast, followed by arts and crafts. Additional teacher-directed activities
that promote the development of fine-motor skills, creativity, and academic learning, take place throughout the day.
Literacy learning and development is highly encouraged as it is an integral part of our daily activities. Children learn
how to read and write naturally and effortlessly through our carefully planned literature-based curriculum. In addition,
children have ample opportunities for self-guided play during which teachers build on children’s interests in order to
facilitate meaningful and contextual learning.
During outdoor play in our garden, our sports teacher sets up various fun obstacle courses in order to foster children’s
physical gross motor development. Additional music lessons with our music teacher take place in the afternoon and
on rainy days, when children explore musical instruments and participate in rhythm based musical activities.

Brain Respiration is an educational method that optimizes the brain’s functions through integrated exercises for the
body and mind.
The Brain Respiration program for children combines breathing techniques, physical exercies, imagination, positive
information for the brain, and hands on sensory experiences. It improves blood and energy circulation throughout the
body, increases balance and brain-body communication, relieves emotional imbalances, and helps develop
harmonious character, social skills, and overall brain potential.
International Preschool Belgrade - PROGRAM - 1
International Preschool Belgrade - PROGRAM - 1
International Preschool Belgrade - PROGRAM - 1


Kategorija - Our approach

(Inspired by the National Association for the Education of Young Children – NAEYC)
Knowing about child development and learning.
Knowing what is typical at each age and stage of early development is crucial. This knowledge, based on research,
helps us decide which experiences are best for children’s learning and development.
Knowing what is individually appropriate.
What we learn about specific children helps us teach and care for each child as an individual. By continually
observing children’s play and interaction with the physical environment and others, we learn about each child’s
interests, abilities, and developmental progress.
Knowing what is culturally important.


Play Learn Grow is an IPC authorized school. As a professional association that directly serves schools, learners,
parents and governments, the IPC offers a unique set of products and services that promote active learning and
effective practices in teaching.
Headquartered in the United States, the IPC’s objective and research based curriculum meets the standards set by
state departments and accreditation organizations. The IPC is internationally recognized and works closely with
governments to amend curricula materials if required to ensure local compliance.
International Preschool Belgrade - DAP & IPC - 1
International Preschool Belgrade - DAP & IPC - 1
International Preschool Belgrade - DAP & IPC - 1


Kategorija - How to enroll
We are open all year and we enroll children at all times.
Registration is simple and it involves filling out a few forms upon starting preschool.
The adaptation process takes some time and it depends on the child. We guide each parent through this process
Give us a call or send us an email to schedule a visit and meet us in person.
International Preschool Belgrade - ENROLLMENT - 1
International Preschool Belgrade - ENROLLMENT - 1
International Preschool Belgrade - ENROLLMENT - 1


Kategorija - Health & Nature
Lunch is catered by a vegetarian catering company, and the menu is based on recommendations of a certified
nutritionist. We don’t use any refined products or white flour. Each lunch is well balanced and consist of soup,
veggies, various protein rich ‘burgers’ and whole grain pastries. Breakfast consists of various grains, such as millet,
oats, buckwheat and corn, served with milk or yogurt. Seasonal fruit is served for snack. Very often we have organic
fruit and vegetables from our village preschool sometimes grown by the children themselves.
Children at Play Learn Grow have the opportunity to visit our Village Preschool located between Avala and Kosmaj,
the two mountains near Belgrade. Frequent daily field trips give children a chance to observe and experience
seasonal changes in nature, participate in hands-on activities related to gardening, farming and living outside of the
city. We also offer weekend trips and seasonal retreats to our Village Preschool where children can breathe fresh air
and interact with nature.
Preschool educators have long known that animals, plants, water, and other aspects of the natural world delight
children and draw them in as learners. As a result, most preschools will at certain points use nature or natural
elements in their teaching to achieve great educational results. Nature preschools, however, are a special breed of
preschool. Nature preschools have all the same child development goals that more traditional schools have, but they
also are committed to accomplishing those goals through experiences in and with nature, and have an added goal of
helping children begin to develop care and concern for the natural world.
Play Learn Grow, International Preschool Belgrade offers an extension to the quality child care and education in the
city. Our nature preschool in a village between two mountains near Belgrade, is a place where children can experience
nature through hands on farming and gardening activities, as well as nature walks and free forest play. As part of the
Natural Start Alliance, our Nature and Forest Preschool offers daily field trips, weekend and week-long retreats for
children in our care.
International Preschool Belgrade - HEALTH - 1
International Preschool Belgrade - HEALTH - 1
International Preschool Belgrade - HEALTH - 1
International Preschool Belgrade - HEALTH - 1
International Preschool Belgrade - HEALTH - 1
International Preschool Belgrade - HEALTH - 1
International Preschool Belgrade - HEALTH - 1
International Preschool Belgrade - HEALTH - 1
International Preschool Belgrade - HEALTH - 1
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