Internacionalne srednje škole Košutnjak

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Internacionalne srednje škole Košutnjak

Obrazovni sistem Crnjanski

Beograd, Košutnjak, Đorđa Ognjanovića 2 011 2396743
INTERNACIONALNE SREDNJE ŠKOLE OBRAZOVNI SISTEM CRNJANSKI We aim to apply student-oriented, holistic and life-long learning approach in teaching and mentoring. We aim to develop young people who will become independent inquirers, as well as principled and caring citizens, ready to face different challenges in life. We aim to encourage open mindedness, social responsibility and sense of multiculturalism in our students by introducing local, regional and global cultural values and models.
Inside, on more than 1700 square meters, we have classrooms, science laboratory, media centre, music and art rooms, computer room, teachers’ room, two students clubs and a large multifunctional hall for cinema, theatre, meetings and other festivities such as the Day of Gimnazija Crnjanski, and the like.
There are also a full-size gym, dining room and school kitchen, high school psychologist’s office, system administrator’s office, administration and principal’s offices.
INTERNACIONALNE SREDNJE ŠKOLE - RUĐER BOŠKOVIĆ U Gimnaziji se ostvaruje nastavni plan i program propisan od strane Ministarstva prosvete, nauke i tehnološkog razvoja Republike Srbije kao i međunarodni obrazovni programi: IB Middle Years Programme i IB Diploma Programme.
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