Internacionalni vrtići Dedinje

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Internacionalni vrtići Dedinje
INTERNACIONALNI VRTIĆ BROOK HILL BEOGRAD. The beginning of an important journey. The Early Years Department is comprised of two groups: Preschool (3-4 years old) and Reception (4-5 years old). At the beginning of a child’s journey through the world of education it is important for them to develop in a secure and motivating setting which engages their attention and develops a thirst for knowledge. We want our pupils to be enthused by their learning and be engaged with it. We recognise that children need to be able to think for themselves and share their learning and ideas.
INTERNACIONALNI VRTIĆI CHARTWEEL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Chartwell Pre-School is part of the ‘Chartwell International School’ in Belgrade, Serbia. We strive to provide a safe, caring, warm and happy international setting where your child will grow, learn and play. We support cultural diversity and are privileged to have children from many nationalities around the world as part of our Chartwell Pre-School family. The Chartwell Pre-School celebrates a calendar of events which is closely tied with the rest of the school.
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