Internacionalni vrtići Sopot

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Internacionalni vrtići Sopot

International Preschool Belgrade

Beograd, Sopot, Naselje Trešnja 062 1529383
INTERNACIONALNI VRTIĆ U BEOGRADU - VILLAGE PRESCHOOL Our International School Belgrade for infants, toddlers, pre- school children and kindergarteners’s mission is to provide your child with the most comprehensive learning experience in the safest and warmest environment possible.
We believe that we can be the solution for all your childcare needs.
That is not a statement we make lightly, there is weight behind our words.
Our staff at International Preschool Belgrade is supremely confident that due to our teaching method combined with our teaching staff’s extensive work experience, your child will grow into knowledgeable and respectful children.
It’s easy for us to say that, but let us show you how we plan to do so.
Our environment is organized into learning centers that support in all subject areas such as literacy, math, science,art and music.
The academy is equipped with educational materials from the United States and a playground and garden are available on the premises so that your children can experience some outside play and learning as well.
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