Internacionalni vrtići Senjak

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Internacionalni vrtići Senjak
Internacionalni vrtići.
We offer the Primary Years Program in English for students in Pre-Kindergarten (age 3) .
Mission ISB is a collaborative learning community that inspires and empowers its members to discover their passions to be global innovators. Vision We aspire to challenge and empower students through living the IB learner profile.
INTERNACIONALNI VRTIĆI BEOGRAD PRIMA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL BELGRADE Naša predškolska ustanova svakom detetu poklanja posebnu pažnju, vodeći računa o njegovim individualnim potrebama.
Nastojimo da detetu stvorimo pozitivnu sliku o sebi kako bi stekli neophodno samopouzdanje za njihov dalji životni put.
Internacionalni vrtić u Beogradu, na Senjaku.
International Nursery in Belgrade, Senjak.
Principles of Practice.
Working with babies and children is a complex, challenging and demanding task.
To enable us to carry out our responsibilities we acknowledge a clear set of guiding principles.
At INSB we believe: Parents and families are central to the well-being of the child.
Relationships with other people (both adults and children) are of crucial importance in a child’s life.
A relationship with a key person at home and in the setting is essential to a young child’s well-being.
Caring adults count more than resources and equipment.
Babies and young children are social beings: they are competent learners from birth.
Learning is a shared process and children learn most effectively when, with the support of a knowledgeable an trusted adult, they are actively involved and interested. In the ‘holistic’ nature of development and learning.
Children learn when they are given appropriate responsibility, allowed to make errors, decisions and choices, and respected as autonomous and competent learners. Children learn by doing rather than by being told.
That a child’s individuality, efforts and achievements should be recognized and valued.
Schedules and routines must flow with the child’s needs.
Young children are vulnerable.
They learn to be independent by having someone they can depend upon.
Internacionalni vrtić na Senjaku. International nursery in Belgrade. Little Dreams Nursery is home from home environment where your child will receive all the care and attention they need. Each of our individually designed areas are devoted to children ensuring maximum safety and comfort. The carefully selected toys help early stages of development. Children are given the freedom to explore the nursery at their own pace. Focused learning opportunities are planned on a daily basis, and resources are available to children at all times, allowing them to revisit, extend or adapt their interests and learning as they wish. The underpinning principles of the nursery philosophy are influenced from nationally and internationally recognized best practice. We have taken the elements that we believe work best for children and families from across the world, and rolled them into one special place: Little Dreams Nursery.
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