Privatni vrtići Senjak

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Privatni vrtići Senjak

Deutsche Schule Belgrad

Beograd, Senjak, Sanje Živanovića 15 060 0487014
Nemački privatni vrtić u Beogradu čiji je cilj rad sa decom najmlađeg uzrasta i usavršavanje nemačkog jezika kroz svakodnevni program i redovne aktivnosti.
Vaspitnoobrazovni program vrtića daje poseban akcenat razvoju motoričkih sposobnosti kod dece, podsticanju dečije kreativnosti kroz razne vidove umetničkog izražavanja i stvaralaštva, kao i sticanje saznanja iz poznavanja prirode i ekologije.
Privatni vrtići.
We offer the Primary Years Program in English for students in Pre-Kindergarten (age 3) .
The vision of the International School of Belgrade is to develop responsible and productive citizens by offering a comprehensive and cohesive program based on high academic standards, a safe and positive learning environment, and a curriculum that is holistic, student-centered, and inquiry and performance based.
PRIVATNI VRTIĆI - KREATIVNI ZAMAK Mi smo novootvorena predškolska ustanova akreditovana i verifikovana od Ministarstva prosvete, nauke i tehnološkog razvoja.
Nalazimo se na obodu senjaka, u tihom i mirnom ambijentu kompleksa Sportske Akademije Senjak u ulici Andre Nikolića.
Privatni vrtić na Senjaku.
Privatno obdanište na Senjaku.
INSB has been responsible for the care and education of young children for over 60 years. We are committed to continual self-evaluation, and compliance with modern standards of child-care provision. We welcome children from all nations and adopt and support the values of tolerance, cooperation, respect, and the diversity of our students.
Focused activities.
As well as self-initiated and structured play, teachers plan for a host of sensory activities through which children assimilate new experiences and understandings about the exciting and wondrous world around them.
These focused activities are planned and implemented via a variety of sources including the teachers’ own experiences, ideas from colleagues and good practice from practitioners around the world.
INSB also uses the International Preschool Curriculum (IPC).
This provides us with a myriad of structured, purposeful and fun activities formulated around themes such as ‘Fairy Tales’, ‘The Sea’, ‘My Family’ etc.
Concerns over child development.
For some children, development may be at risk because of difficulties with communication and interaction, cognition and learning, behavioural, emotional and social development or sensory and physical development. Our teachers monitor each child’s development carefully against a set of developmental criteria and will alert parents to any concerns they have observed. Of course, one must be careful not to make rash judgments.
Children learn at different rates and progress through stages of development can vary widely.
We will point out concerns to parents and discuss possible ways to help.
Where we are unable to assist, the school may suggest intervention from outside agencies such as an educational psychologist, speech therapist or pediatrician for example.
PRIVATNI VRTIĆ U BEOGRADU. Privatni vrtić u Beogradu u kome se radi u malim grupama podeljenim pouzrastu dece.
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